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Sunday, May 14, 2023

The Undergraduate Graduation Recognition Ceremony will take place on Sunday, May 14, at 6:00 p.m. in the Athletic Complex, Field House. The Undergraduate keynote speaker is Jessica Fischer and the student speaker is Anika Sridhar.

For clarification, there are two separate ceremonies. The first is Olin’s Undergraduate Graduation Recognition Ceremony on Sunday, May 14th. This ceremony is for Olin Business School undergraduates only and will highlight student and faculty awards and honors. There is an elected student speaker and Olin students present Olin faculty with awards. Each degree candidate crosses the stage. The ceremony will be held in the Athletic Complex Field House (no tickets for guests are needed) and will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m.

The second event is the University-wide Commencement, which will be held on Monday, May 15th, at 9:00 a.m. in the Francis Olympic Field, rain or shine. Questions regarding the University-wide Commencement event should be directed to the Commencement Office at 314-935-5985, or visit the Commencement Website.

Following the University-wide Commencement, the Chancellor will be hosting the Commencement festival for all WashU graduates and their friends and family. Click here to learn more.

Olin is starting a new tradition and will be hosting an Open House in Knight Hall for graduates and their families, friends, and faculty members during the Chancellor’s festival on Monday, May 15th, from 11:00 AM -3:00 PM following the Chancellor’s Commencement.

If you have any questions about Olin’s graduation event, please contact olin-graduation@email.wustl.edu.

Graduation Video

Please watch this video to learn how to file your intent to graduate, register to attend your graduation ceremony, rent your regalia, and all the details on what to expect on the day of your graduation ceremony.

File Your Intent To Graduate

To graduate in May 2023, you must have filed your intent by December 22, 2022. You can do this in WebSTAC. Please contact your program advisor if you are unsure about filing your intent.

Click here to watch a demonstration on how to file your intent to graduate.


Registration – Registration closed on April 19th.

Registration for attending your graduation ceremony is now closed. If you did not register by April 19th, please send an email to olin-graduation@email.wustl.edu with your full name and SIS number.

Click here to watch a demonstration on how to register to attend graduation.


For Frequently Asked Questions, please click here. If your question is not listed, please contact your Program Office or email: olin-graduation@email.wustl.edu.

Regalia (Cap and Gown)


An important tradition of the graduation ceremony is the academic regalia. The deadline to reserve your regalia with the Campus Store has been extended to April 28. Click here to rent your regalia. If you have already rented your regalia for the Chancellor’s Commencement Ceremony, you may wear it for the Olin Graduation Recognition Ceremony as well.

  • Bachelor rental cost: $57 + tax
  • Master rental cost: $87 + tax
  • Doctoral rental cost: $90 + tax

You must return your regalia rental to the lower level of the bookstore after your ceremony. For questions, call the Campus Store customer service desk at 314-935-5500.


The registrar’s office will coordinate your diploma shipment once your degree is conferred by the Board of Trustees and Chancellor Martin.  Please pay careful attention to the information below to ensure the delivery of your diploma.

  • Diplomas will be shipped to your Diploma Mailing Address in WebSTAC. If you do not have a Diploma Mailing Address listed, your diploma will be shipped to your Home Address listed in WebSTAC.
  • Address changes made after Monday, May 8th, at 5:00 p.m. CT, will not be captured for diploma shipments. 

You will NOT receive your diploma during the ceremony. The university offers certified electronic diplomas to all graduates along with your paper credential. Your certified electronic diploma will be ordered on your behalf and will take approximately 2-4 weeks to receive once diplomas are ordered. Instructions on how to obtain and download your diploma will be sent to your @wustl.edu email address. Note: The link to download your degree has an expiration date, so be sure to download it when you receive the email. Your paper diploma will arrive approximately 4-6 weeks after degree conferral (May 23rd), and you will receive notification once your diploma has been shipped. **International diploma shipments could be 8+ weeks, depending on customs and international shipping restrictions. The Registrar’s office monitors this information closely and will communicate with graduates as needed.

Any additional questions or comments should be sent to diplomaservices@wustl.edu along with your student ID number.

Arrival and Seating

The ceremony will begin promptly at 6:00 p.m. Plan to arrive at the Athletic Complex no later than 5:30 p.m. Please do not bring large items with you (Ex: Large purses, backpacks, stuffed animals). There is no place to store them, and end up being a tripping hazard when put under your chairs during the ceremony. We advise you to leave your things with a family member/friend. A fanny pack or small cross-body bag/purse can easily fit under your regalia.

You MUST pick up your name card at the tables in the Athletic Complex, Sumers Gym elevated track on the day of the ceremony. You can do this beginning at 5:00 p.m. During this time, you’ll be asked to confirm the accuracy of your name and post-graduation address. The card has three important details:

  • A QR code that links to your pre-recorded name for the ceremony
  • Your permanent email address to receive graduation photos
  • Your diploma mailing address for the photographer to mail photos you may order

Please DO NOT BEND your name card. It will damage the QR code causing your pre-recorded name not to play. Please confirm the accuracy of your name and post-graduation address, noting any corrections. Be careful not to misplace your name card, you will need it during the ceremony.

Volunteers will direct you into line for the procession. You should plan to be in line by 5:45 p.m. Degree candidates will not line up in alphabetical order but in two lines. The student marshal and award winners will lead the procession of graduates into the Field House. See Ceremony Map (*PDF 60K).

Order of Ceremony

  • Processional
  • Welcome – Dean
  • Keynote Speaker – Jessica Fischer
  • Student Speaker – Anika Sridhar
  • Presentation of Faculty and Student Awards
  • Presentation of Candidates
  • Closing Remarks – Dean
  • Recessional

Presentation of Candidates

A Row Monitor wearing a red lanyard will signal your row when it’s time to stand and proceed to the stage. One row at a time, starting with the first row of Section One, students will proceed to the steps on the left of the stage. The first row will be led by the Student Marshal. Section One will graduate first, followed by Section Two. Please form an orderly line to prevent blocking any guests’ view of the stage, particularly those sitting on the lower bleacher seats. See Ceremony Map (*PDF 60K).

As your turn approaches to go across the stage, hand your name card to Paige LaRose for your name to be announced. After your name has been read, walk to center stage. Your picture with the Dean will be taken at this time. Your name and degree(s) will be shown on the large screen during this time.

Proceed down the stairs on the opposite side of the stage. A photographer will take two photos of you holding a diploma cover. Finally, return to your seat by entering your row at the end opposite where you exited. You will not keep the diploma cover used in photographs. Your diploma cover will be mailed with your degree certificate.

Graduates are to remain seated until all degrees are awarded. Once the Dean ends the ceremony, please rise when Pomp and Circumstance begins and remain standing at your seat until all of the stage participants have passed. You will recess out following the stage participants, beginning with the front row, and continuing until all graduate seats are empty. The ceremony is complete when all stage participants and graduates have recessed from the gym.


  • There will be a professional photographer taking pictures of you with the Dean on stage. These photos, along with the individual photos taken after you cross the stage, will be available for viewing and purchase online within 72 hours on the Grad Images website: www.gradimages.com/


Visitors may park in any area of the university parking lots and garages except for those designated as accessible parking or loading zones. For more information, be sure to look at Washington University’s Maps, Direction, and Parking website.

The best parking for access to the Olin Graduation Ceremonies will be in the Snow Way Garage (enter off Big Bend at Snow Way) or the Millbrook Garage (enter off Forest Park Parkway). From the Snow Way Garage, you can easily walk to the Athletic Complex from the top level by following the posted signs. MetroLink, the St. Louis light rail system, is an alternative to driving to the University. If MetroLink is convenient to your hotel or home, it is recommended that you use it. Exit at the Skinker Station, located just east of the Brookings Hall parking lot, to attend the All-University Commencement Ceremony. Exit at the University City-Big Bend Station, at the corner of Forest Park Parkway and Big Bend Blvd., for a short walk to the Athletic Complex to attend the Olin Graduation Recognition Ceremony. MetroLink information is available at http://www.metrostlouis.org/.

* To view PDF files, you’ll need Acrobat Reader. Download for free at http://www.adobe.com/products/acrobat/readstep2.html

The University Ring

Order your Washington University ring from the Danforth Campus or Medical Campus bookstore or online at Balfour.com.

Celebrate WashU – WashU Memorabilia

Browse campus stores for diploma frames, gifts for graduating students, and a variety of other Wash. U. merchandise.
Danforth Campus Bookstore
Medical Campus Bookstore
Bear Necessities Shop

For More Information

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact us at olin-graduation@email.wustl.edu


Mobility Assistance

Sign up for mobility assistance or accessibility needs during graduation. The events team will contact all sign-ups a week before the upcoming ceremonies. Accessibility maps and information about buildings on campus can be found on our Facilities website.

Accessible Seating

Entrances into the Athletic Complex, Field House are accessible. Once inside, we have marked several chairs on the floor level for accessible seating

Closed Captioning

Closed captioning will be available on our jumbotron screens during each Olin ceremony. There will also be an ASL interpreter on stage during each ceremony.

Emergency Services

During the ceremony, ambulance services will be standing by in case of any emergency. Anyone needing assistance should come to the entrance to the Field House, or alert a volunteer for emergency assistance.

For More Information

If you have a question that is not addressed on this page, please contact us at olin-graduation@email.wustl.edu